Gary Gray

Sherburne County Commissioner District 4

If it has to do with the local area, I’ve been there.

-Gary Gray

Meet Gary


Transplanted to the area at four years old, Gary Gray is a lifelong resident of
Sherburne County. He attended the historical Tech High School and
graduated from St. Cloud Technical College. Happily married for 34 years,
Gary is a proud parent of two and has recently welcomed his first grandchild
into the world. Residents of the area may recognize Gary as the now-retired
co-owner of Gray Potato Farm and Grayson’s Berryland, which he operated
alongside his brother for 37 years.

Local Government InvolvemenT


  • Clear Lake Township—18 years
  • Clear Lake Township Chairman—11 years
  • Clearwater Library Board
  • Clear Lake Fire Board
  • Clear Lake Township Waters Advisory Board
  • Sherburne County Planning and Zoning
  • East Central Irrigators Association Board
  • District 742 Building and Facilities Task Force

State Government Involvement


  • Appointed by the United States Secretary of Agriculture to Potato USA, formerly known as the National Potato Promotion Board—two six-year terms

  • State Irrigators Association

  • Minnesota Area II Potato Research Council

A Leader and Active Community Member


Throughout his life, Gary has been actively involved in the community, from the School Site Council at Clearview Elementary to the church council at St. Marcus. As a farmer and business owner, he’s well acquainted with the unique challenges faced by the population of Sherburne County.

Gary’s Community Commitments

Health and Human Services
  • Ensuring disabled and elderly community members receive Health and Human Services efficiently and at cost-effective rates
  • Exploration of the possibility to expand county services to areas further from the Elk River government center
  • Ensuring the County Sheriff and Attorney have the resources and funding to continue the excellent work they’re already doing
  • Continued monitoring of elections, including implementation of more efficient processes as they become available
  • A permitting process streamlined with increased and faster attainability
  • Ensuring our valued veterans receive desired services promptly
  • Fiscal responsibility with your tax dollars
Community Input
  • Increased transparency regarding road construction projects, providing residents with more details and the chance to offer feedback
  • Encouraging feedback from residents regarding the redraft of the county’s comprehensive land use plan
  • Establishment of focus groups specific to townships and cities that meet regularly to offer feedback and receive updates on county issues
  • A balanced approach to energy, using combinations of wind, solar, hydro, coal, and nuclear power to supply the county with a reliable source of electricity
  • A strong supporter of landowner rights
  • Amplification of community voices in local government

The Responsibilities of County District Commissioner


After 18 years of service in the Township Government, Gary is ready for the challenges of Sherburne County’s District Commissioner. He’s confident he’ll be able to support the rural, agricultural area with his years of experience as a farmer, business owner, and active participant in local government.


Gary promises to remain adaptable and transparent as he serves the community in this nonpartisan position. He looks forward to encouraging economic development while still retaining the small-town, agricultural feel we all know and love.


Ensuring every resident of District 4, as well as all of Sherburne County, has representation in local government is Gary’s top priority. He hopes to streamline the permitting process for some projects in Sherburne County and get involved with the redraft of the comprehensive county plan, which hasn’t been updated in almost 20 years. Gary also intends to maintain Sherburne County’s fiscal responsibility; he strongly believes that every financial investment made by the county should translate into real value for citizens.


As a parent of a child with disabilities, Gary is uniquely familiar with Sherburne County’s Health and Human Services Department. He understands the dynamic impact these services have on senior and disabled community members, and he knows his experiences will help him deliver these services in a cost-effective, quality manner.
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